Boutink Tattoo Studio was established early in 2011 as a small, private tattoo studio. We quickly developed a strong reputation for providing exceptionally creative, high quality, custom body art, while being highly client focused. 

In 2013 we moved into our permanent home in Cove, Farnborough. Here we continue to develop the studio, offering a growing number of professional services to our clients and going from strength to strength.

Fully licensed and health authority-registered, with a team that hold a number of recognised qualifications along with years of experience, this gives us extensive knowledge and makes us unusually highly qualified within our field.







In our relaxed studio, Jessie, our resident artist covers an astonishing range of styles including: traditional, Japanese, realism, black and grey, portraits, cover-ups, watercolour as well as more artistic abstract work.

Predominantly a custom tattoo artist, her passion is crafting unique and imaginative designs from her client’s initial ideas. Jessie enjoys the entire process and encourages you to work collaboratively with her, so you are involved in the creation of your original piece of body art if you so wish. 

We pride ourselves on being client focused and offer all clients a free consultation. This ensures that we have a full understanding of your needs, can provide a tailored service and above all, exceed your expectations.





Hayley is at the heart of the studio and a long-standing member of the team. 

As well as managing the studio, she is solely responsible for running `The Laser Specialists`, our onsite laser clinic. 


As an Aesthetic Practitioner, specialising in pigment removal - she holds the highest-level qualifications within the field and is a full member of the British Medical Laser Association.  

She uses the highest quality NHS endorsed laser equipment, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else locally.



We have an ever-expanding portfolio and a vast range of research material to give you inspiration for your chosen project. We encourage creativity and insist that no idea goes unexplored! That’s why we offer all of our client’s consultations to discuss ideas, so we can develop the best bespoke design possible.  




Our laser treatment room has been especially designed and purpose built to ensure your procedure is performed in a clean safe environment, with the highest health and safety precautions in place.


Our state-of-the-art medical grade equipment and highly trained practitioners mean The Laser Specialists always perform to exceptionally high standards. Click Here for more information.



Boutink Vouchers are available in any denomination that you choose from £10.00 and work like a bank debit card. The funds will be placed onto your account and then you can use it for either part or full payment, the remainder of the balance can then be used on another visit. 

All vouchers are valid for 12 months; this cannot be expended under any circumstances. The voucher can be used on studio time, or any after care products. 

The voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


We offer ear piercing with our fully qualified, fully insured, Caflon trained piercer - to customers age 10 and over. 


Please note we can only pierce through the earlobes and mid cartilage.


​Children age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  

We pierce using a Caflon ear piercing device, not a needle and have a choice of hypoallergenic, pre-sterilised studs to choose from.


At present, we do not offer other piercings.

After care information and natural solution is also included in the price.

Please note that the studs need to stay in the ears for a minimum of 6 weeks following piercing. 





2 Bridge Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 0HS

Tel: 01252 447115




Tuesday - Friday: 12noon - 6pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 2pm

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